Offer VISIT Guided + 2 TICKETS to the Mosque of Cordoba.

Surprise your partner with a trip to the main monument of Cordoba. Now you can hire all and take advantage of the offers of Hotel Oasis. Learn the details of the deal Entrance tickets to the Mosque + Guided tour.

Ofertas-visita-mezquita-OASIS[1]Reserve your room for 2 people and improve the experience of your stay in Córdoba adding package guided tour of the Cathedral Mosque + Entrance tickets to the memorial.

The offer includes:

* Access to the Mosque

* Guided by Official Guides of Cordoba

* Free Parking at Hotel (For hosted customers)

Features of the tour:

Languages: The visit takes place in Spanish, English and French.

Approx: 1:00 H

Starts Tuesday to Saturday: 13:10 H

Available: Monday, Sundays and Religious Holidays

Final price BID: Guided Tour + Tickets to the Mosque entrance € 20 per person